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    can't get rid of prism54 and have to load ndiswrapper module after every reboot


    i got my netgear pcmcia card working and it works quite fine

    but as i said the prism54 module is always present after reboot and the ndiswrapper module has to be loaded again

    rmmod prism54
    modprobe ndiswrapper

    are the first things after powering up the notebook

    this kind of sukks so i'm asking if anybody has an idea

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    Wireless problem

    Have you entered ndiswrapper as the card driver in YaST->Hardware->
    Network Card. It sounds as though Yast still has the prism driver in the
    card setup.

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    I know in Gentoo (probably a different location but similar fine in FC) there is a file called: /etc/modules.autoload.d/kernel-2.6 which you can edit to tell kernel to load modules at startup see if you can find a similar file and if prism54 is there, if so delete, and add ndiswrapper. Or you could go into your kernel and remove prism54 module completely and it would no be able to load since it wouldn't be there. (if you used kernel prism driver and not some outside source patched into the kernel).

    actually I was just googling and it looks like you could edit: /etc/modprobe.conf and add ndiswrapper there.
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    Vienna, Austria
    thx for ur help trying out ur suggestions right now

    will post further progress

    [edit] well stupid me !!! did forget to check initially if the aliases ind modpobe.conf work with my system setup

    after checking that i found out that in modp... there was a nice little eth1 which i don't have

    alias for my wlan was wlan0 since i changed that np at all

    thx very much for the help [/edit]

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