I can't get my wireless LAN to work after a fresh installation of Ubuntu Breezy. The connection is deactivated on startup (according to GNOME's network applet), and when I activate it, it shows signal (good signal BTW, and it's moving so it's "alive")... but wlan0 still says "Disconnected" and nothing works (not even a simple ping to my gateway).

- my WLAN device is a USB ZD1211, and its driver seems to be pre-installed and working correctly (it appears on lsmod).
- GNOME's Network Settings (network-admin) had some trouble detecting it as wlan0 on first boot, but I used ifconfig to activate it once, and then went back to network-adming to configure its parameters via GUI.
- no I didn't make mistakes with the WEP key or any other data I had to input in network-admin; I checked everything several times.
- I did a iwlist scan and it seems like wlan0 sees my Access Point correctly (with its ESSID) and everything.
- I already deactivated eth0 both in network-admin and /etc/network/interfaces.
- sometimes iwlist channel says my device is working on channel 11 (while the Access Point uses 6), but I can't change it with iwconfig (it says "Invalid argument" no matter what I do)... but eventually it auto-detects channel 6, so I guess that's not the problem.
- pretty much the same happens when I activate the device in the commandline (with ifconfig ) instead of graphically (via network-admin).

Well that's it. I really hope someone can help me, because it's the strangest error I've ever seen (everything seems to work, but it doesn't!), and I haven't read anything like this, anywhere (and believe me, I've searched more than enough).

Thanks in advance!

Tomas Pineda

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