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    Got the drivers... also got errors

    OK So yeah i'm another one of those fools who thought "hey i'm good with windows how different could linux be?" i was mistaken, linux is totally different but dont fear i havn't been put off yet i'm willing to got the extra mile and lean Linux but that'll take a while and i need the net now!

    So here is the thing... i have a WiFi dongle with a Zydas 1211 chipset, so i went to the Zydas website and sure enough they have Linux drivers and a little user guide... i dont understand the guide see here -

    Time for some general info/specs - I'm running Mandriva Linux Limited edition 2005, with Linux 2.6.11-6mdk kernel

    So it tells me
    One has to modify the Makefile according to the path of “kernel source tree” and the version of the kernel in your system.
    where is the kernel souce tree? the 'makefile' has /usr/src/linux-2.6.7 by default but that folder doesn't exist... or any folder remotely like it for that matter.

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    If it cant find the kernel source tree it means you probably haven't got it installed. I'm not familiear with Mandriva's package management, but you probably need to to a 'yum install kernel-source' or 'apt-get install kernel-source' or summat like that.

    Once it's in, the document will make more sense. Although I'm slightly alarmed that they think sending out a document in Word 97/2000 format for Linux users to follow is a good idea. Unless they did it for a joke. The irony...
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    Right well i got a Zydas 1211 driver installed perfectly with no problems by following it readme file see here -

    ZD1211 - linux driver for ZyDAS ZD1211 based USB 2.0 WLAN adapters


    - Kernel 2.4.x. I am developing the driver on 2.4.24, but it
    reportedly also works on 2.4.x. If your kernels version is less than
    2.4.22 (for example Red Hat 9.0 is 2.4.20-, suggest to upgrade kernel
    for better support on USB 2.0.

    - Kernel 2.6.x. This driver has been verify on 2.6.6 and 2.6.7.

    - To build zd1211 you will need: Configured kernel source code for the
    kernel you are running. Ideally, Configured means that you have at
    least run 'make config', 'make menuconfig', or 'make xconfig'. If your
    platform is not SMP system, please don't config SMP supported, because
    when module loaded, this will make unresolved symbol..

    - Make sure your kernel usb 2.0 support is running
    - Use lsmod to check "ehci-hcd" module is loaded.
    - If host is not support usb 2.0, zd1211 will run under pure-b mode.

    Building zd1211:

    1) untar the package using the command:
    tar zxvf zd1211-XXXX.tar.gz

    2) cd into the new directory and use "make" and "make install"
    to make and install driver.
    Be sure to have your configured kernel source at /usr/src/linux
    or type make KSRC=[my kernel], replacing [my kernel] with the
    directory the kernel you want the driver to be compiled for.


    - If you have hotplug installed, the drivers should now be loaded. If not,
    load them by hand: modprobe -v zd1211
    (or Under zd1211-XXXX/zdsta directory use "insmod zd1211.o" for kernel 2.4.x,
    "insmod zd1211.ko" for kernel 2.6.x)

    - Check if the modules are loaded with lsmod. It should look like this:
    zd1211 183576 0 (unused)

    - Run 'ifconfig <iface> <your IP address>'

    - Run 'iwconfig <iface> ' to configure the wireless setting, here are
    some examples, more detail information please check with 'man iwconfig'.
    iwconfig <iface> essid "My Network" //Set essid
    iwconfig <iface> channel 1 //Set channel
    iwconfig <iface> mode Managed (Station mode) //Set operation mode
    iwconfig <iface> mode Ad-Hoc (Ah-Hoc mode)
    iwconfig <iface> rts 512 //Set rts threshold
    iwconfig <iface> frag 512 //Set fragment threshold
    iwconfig <iface> key sassword [2] //Set encryption key
    iwconfig <iface> power on/off //Set power-save mode

    Private Parameters:

    In addition to the parameters of iwconfig, some can be set by iwpriv:
    - open system authentication: iwpriv <iface> set_auth 0
    - shared key authentication: iwpriv <iface> set_auth 1
    Be aware that shared key authentication requires a WEP key.

    - long preamble: iwpriv <iface> set_preamble 0
    - short preamble: iwpriv <iface> set_preamble 1
    - iwpriv <iface> get_preamble //will display the current preamble type

    - List current BSS information:iwpriv <iface> list_bss
    You can use "dmesg" to check the result.
    I checked to see if the module was loaded using lsmod and it wasn't loaded so i loaded it manually and checked again now it said
    'zd1211_mod 34268 0'
    But for some reason i plug in the USB Dongle and i get nothing no lights at all and when i check hard-drake it sais its an unknown device.
    So what do i do? Can i force the computer to make that device use the zd1211 module?

    I hope someone can help.

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