Dear Sir,
I am new to Linux, not a sysAdmin, but a IS engineer.

so, my question, might look stupid to you.

I need to set up a common chat on several web servers in the same location. I decided to use NFS. Right now I only have 2 servers. The web server and the DB server.
I wish to mount the chat directory, which is under /exports/chatfiles

I wrote this path in the exports file. Then, when I start the nfs service, I am getting this message:

Starting NFS services: [ OK ]
Starting NFS quotas: Cannot register service: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection refused
rpc.rquotad: unable to register (RQUOTAPROG, RQUOTAVERS, udp).
Starting NFS daemon:

What am I doing wrong? I do not need any quotas there, I just need to share this single directory.

Can someone give a newbee a step-by-step guidance how to set this thing up? It can not be that difficult, can it?

The OS on the server is CentOS and on the client is Fedora2.