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    Looking for Interprocess Com package

    I'm looking for a Interprocess communication package that would ONLY have to interface with Linux OS apps on the same server. Some of these will be 3rd party apps that are already out there or will be implemented. Need to support C and JAVA. So need something that is widely know. CORBA has been shot down already.
    A number of packages to chose from. DCE, SOAP, D-BUS, DCOP, XML-RPC.
    If anybody can point me to any publications that discuss in depth, I would appreciate.
    Or can make some cases for the best from the list OR is there something better.


    1. 3rd party supported, is there one that is more widely supported now that others?
    2. Simple Implemenation
    3. No or small license fee
    4. C, C++, and JAVA supported
    5. Linux Redhat compatiable
    6. Speed isn't a major concern, so XML based packages are exceptable.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The IPC facilities (how user mode processes can synchronize themselves and exchange data) are already implemented in Linux (signals, message queues, pipes, semaphores...). Do you need some examples (C/C++, Java, ...) of Linux IPC ?

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