Hopefully someone can help. I'm a newbie to Linux; recently installed SUSE 9.3 and configured the Apache2 server. When I attempt to connect to the Apache server from the local machine, using its 192.168.x.x address, I connect OK. When I try from another PC (windows) on my local lan my browser goes off into never never land...no errors...no nothing.

Some additional details:
1) from my other PC (windows) I can ping the Linux server. Oddly, I always receive 3 of 4 attempts. One of the four is always dropped but not necessarily the same attempt #.
2) I have tried disabling the SUSE firewall - no luck
3) everything should be talking through port 80.
4) I can connect to external web addresses from the Linux machine so I know it can communicate with the world.

One final, probably unrelated detail but perhaps noteworthy: I am running with a Linksys LNE100TX adapter. Network performance connecting to external web sites from the Linux machine is slow at best.

Any suggestions? Thanks.