Dear All,

I need to provide a solution on Linux for the following problem.

The Background:

1. A Squid Proxy and Delegate (ftp) server are used for accessing the internet.
2. There are three methods of connecting to the Internet.
2.1 Fixed Annual Cost (Leased Line) - Good Bandwidth. - Fixed IP to Router
2.2 Fixed Monthly Cost accessed through a WinProxy Proxy- Average Bandwidth.- Fixed IP and port number.
2.3 Fall Back - ISDN Dial Up (only when Leased Line fails).

The Requirement:

1. Users will access the net through Squid and Delegate.
2. Based on the Administrator defined urls/sites, the traffic will be routed through Internet Access 2.1 or 2.2 option. So when a request comes to SQUID depending on the destination internet address the packet has to go through 2.1 or 2.2. Important company sites will be accessed via 2.1 and general browsing through 2.2
3. All authentication and usage reporting will be done through SQUID.
4. A report is required on the usgae statistics of Internet connection. i.e. which Internet access method was used by which user (authentication name) and for how much time?

Is it possible to divert traffic to a IP address:Port Number (WinProxy) using SQuid and IP tables within Squid?

Is There any alternate and simpler method available?

Thank you for our contributions.