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    Replacing NIC with own C programs.

    Iam assigned a task to develop a tool which will transfer files from one system to another connected using the ethernet but there wont be any interface card. I hav to write the C programs that will do the tasks of identifying ports n sockets,assigning addresses, appending headers and performs checksums. Right now Iam in complete darkness 'coz I dont know the next step. So plz help me if u hav any idea about this task and where i can get some material or working model. Thx

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    Well surely, for the sake of a tenner a card, it's easier and better to go buy a couple of nic's and use the regular TCP/IP stack?

    Or is this another homework question?
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    To inject your own datagrams, you have to manipulate the headers with the help of:
    struct ipheader {
    unsigned char ip_hl:4, ip_v:4;
    unsigned char ip_tos;
    unsigned short int ip_len;
    unsigned short int ip_id;
    unsigned short int ip_off;
    unsigned char ip_ttl;
    unsigned char ip_p;
    unsigned short int ip_sum;
    unsigned int ip_src;
    unsigned int ip_dst;


    struct tcpheader {
    unsigned short int th_sport;
    unsigned short int th_dport;
    unsigned int th_seq;
    unsigned int th_ack;
    unsigned char th_x2:4, th_off:4;
    unsigned char th_flags;
    unsigned short int th_win;
    unsigned short int th_sum;
    unsigned short int th_urp;

    and so on...


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