My goal is to connect to my nslu2 via bluetooth(pocketpc) to
listen to my mp3s while driving.

I've been doing the same with Wi-Fi successfully for the last six
months. I've been using the stock firmware, connected to a
wireless B router. I had my 30gig laptop harddrive in a 2.5" USB 2.0 caddy
using the NSLU2's power from the USB port. Using PocketMusic, I
mapped to the drive with PocketMusic's built in network drive
mapper. Slow to boot and connect, but once it was going it was
great, creating a giant playlist made it even faster to load. But
Wi-Fi was chewing up my pocketpc batteries. But more
importantly, I had to disable the wifi to connect to my bluetooth gps so I
could get to each of my clients via TomTom Navigator.

I've spent the last 5 hours sanding away the rust on my poor linux
skills and have installed openslug/samba/bluetooth. I am able to
connect to my slug with my pocketpc, but only as a
network/internet source, but I need to access my shared samba directory.
I tell my pocketpc to connect to my slug this way, but it says the file
share service isn't running on my slug's paired connection.

Thank you all in advanced!