Hi All,

I am a newbie to Linux and I love it with some headaches. I request some help from you gurus.

I am trying to setup my old PC as a Linux Firewall box. Currently I am running Fedora Core 4 on there with 2 NIC cards. Eth0 is set to have my internet connection (Bell Sympatico – Canada using PPoE and gets a IP dynamically) and eth1 is set to and is plugged into my D-Link Router into port 4. So here is my problem. Everytime I try to restart my network service it keeps telling me that eth0 is not active and therefore can not get an IP address but when I start a browser or ping anything, I have a connection. So I guess it is OK then right? So from here is where I get lost and need help?

So my linux box can surf the web. Eth0 is active along with eth1. eth1 is set to and plugged into my router on port 4. I am sure that it does not matter what port I am plugged into. I am using this software called Firestarter that is supposed to assist you in setting up a firewall and share the internet connection. So I am able to run this and get the firewall running on the linux box, but my other machines can not get a connection. I have an option on this software to enable internet connection sharing and enable DHCP so my computer should be able to get an IP address assigned to them by the linux box between to But this is not the case.

I am now starting to think that it has to do something with my D-Link router as it was previously configured from a windows machine and I was cloning MAC addresses to allow PC’s to get a connection to my network (including wireless connections). Could this be the problem that maybe the router is still configured in such a way that even it will not allow the other PC’s to get an IP address from the linux box?

Can someone please help me in this issue. I have followed several HOW-TO docs online and even copied some lines of code from it and put them into some config files, but still no luck. Evertyime I turn on the “Enable Internet Connection Shanring” by itself it seems to take it, but the other machines can not get an IP address. According to the online docs, it says to enable DHCP server and dynamically assign IP addresses. When I set this option it say that it could start the service and to make sure I have a internet connection, but I do!!!! Why will it not recognize it? What am I doing wrong here?

Please help.