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Thread: LAN: Linux > XP

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    LAN: Linux > XP

    I am trying to setup a LAN between Gentoo Linux and Windows XP, Linux being connected to the internet and allwoing the XP box to be online through it. Any idea how to do it?

    Using NIC in each PC and connected with a crossover cable, works between two Windows' box'.

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    I tried for months to figure this out myself....

    Seems that the only way to go ( as far as i read) is by running a Router. I tried the crossover cable for months and finally gave up. I also know of a few others that were trying the same thing, all with no luck at all.

    I would be interested to see if someone has the solution to this myself.

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    Tried and failed this, but I think my Xover cable was bad. Here's what I did/suggest:

    1) Manually set the IPs of both machines.
    2) Set routing tables/iptables for forwarding to forward from ethx to ethy (or pppx).
    3) Set the gateway on the WinXP box to the IP of the Gentoo box.
    4) Test it.
    5) Post results so we can help some more.

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    Yeh you should look into masquerading the hard bit is setting up the router but support is better now (Well for my usb speedtouch modem). XP is easy just change your gateway in Network settings. If you have a spare low spec box look into ipcop as its all done for you Good tut here ->

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