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    Ideas for best Single Sign-on solution?

    I'm currently debating migrating from an NT4 domain to an Active Directory domain or to a Samba domain. I would like ideas regarding this migration and the possibilities, or just people's opinion's and/or experiences.

    I know AD is far ahead of Samba, but is it worth the money if all you're using it for is user authentication. Isn't it overcomplicated with LDAP and Kerberos?

    The background: the company has around 50 people, 40 in london and 10 in another office abroad, connected via vpn. We have 40~ windows machines and 30+ linux servers plus a drizzle of macs (which aren't really important and don't need central authentication).

    Will linux work ok with AD or will it be an uphill hackish struggle that will result in fragile authentication that could break at any time or have any unreliability?

    Also, am I gonna get hammered for licensing if I try to connect linux clients to the AD because of CALs?

    Talk to me please, people.

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    Take a look here. This seems to go through some of the technicalities of the problem, and also suggests NDS (Novell's solution) for cross-platform authentication.

    Some more of the nuts-and-bolts of how to do it using AD and Samba can be found at, and at

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    ldap is not as hard as it comes accross as......there a guide here which may help to get the basics uip. You'll have to look at the offical samba docs to do the account transfer.

    Also the advantage with ldap is you can have multiple server aplications to autheticate off the ldap back end...such as radius server(they do say wireless is a worth while investment, and VPN server can offer users remote access), email server
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