Hi There,

I added a second NIC to my server for internal use. 192.168.*.*

eth0 = WAN IP 66.18.*.*
eth1 = LAN IP 192.168.*.* (this connects via xover cable to my windows box using 192.168.*.* on the same gateway... allows me internal access to my PC... lot faster speeds for uploading and such)

However... it seems the NIC's fight and one takes the other one over upon activation. I am not sure if this is a setting anywhere in Linux to correct this or what... but this is what happens... linux machine is off... no sweat... i open 2 command windows on my windows box and start constant pings on 192.168.*.* and 66.18.*.*. Boot up the box... no replies until eth0 activates which is the WAN IP... i get about 2 replies from it, then eth1 kicks in and i start getting replies on the LAN IP. At this time the ping replies to the WAN IP have stopped replying. Any ideas? The two cards dont seem to want to work with each other.. not sure if its a card issue or a linux setting that would fix this... Both cards are set to activate on boot up in the network settings. Any Thoughts on why eth0 deactivates as soon as eth1 activates?