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    Strange internet access problem

    I've just recently (2 days ago) got my DSL connection setup and running, however a funny little bug has shown up.
    When I first turn on my system I can't access the internet, I'm connected over a network to a router/modem, I can ping the router and it responds, I can also access the routers admin menu, so I assume the network connection is fine. When I access the router admin I can ping websites and get a response, also I receive an IP address as assigned by my ISP, so the router is connected to the web.

    So my computer is connected to the network, and the router is connected to the web.

    However when I first boot up I can't access the web, my browser says it cannot find the server, and if I try to ping a site from the terminal I get a 'unknown host' message.

    I thought this could be a firewall issue so I tried disabling all firewalls, still nothing.

    The only way to get a connection is to restart the computer, it works fautlessly once I've rebooted and the problem doen't show up again till I next shut down/turn off then boot up the next day.

    I'm running SuSe 10.0 and I would assume this is a configuration problem in Yast. However what's got me stumped is that the problem only occurs when i first boot up, there's no problem at all when i reboot.


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    There could be delays in getting an IP address from the DHCP server either in your router or at your ISP.
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