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    How to modify a packet captured using ipq_read()

    Can anyone help me change the fields of a captured packet using the ipq_set_verdict() function of libipq.
    I tried to redirect an icmp packet to by changing the destination address of the icmp packet(which was originally destined to some other ip address) as shown:

    unsigned char buf[BUFSIZE];
    struct ipq_handle *h;

    h = ipq_create_handle(0, PF_INET);
    ipq_read(h, buf, BUFSIZE, 0);
    ipq_packet_msg_t *m = ipq_get_packet(buf);

    struct iphdr *iph = ((struct iphdr *) msg->payload);
    ipq_set_verdict(h, m->packet_id,NF_ACCEPT, BUFSIZE, buf);

    But the above method does not seem to work. Do I also have to change checksum field? If so, how? Please include code , if any, in your reply.

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    unsigned char buf[BUFSIZE];
    struct ipq_handle *h;
    struct iphdr *iph;
    struct ipq_packet_msg *m;
    unsigned char *pack;
    int pack_len;
    h = ipq_create_handle(0, PF_INET);
    ipq_read(h, buf, BUFSIZE, 0);
    m = ipq_get_packet(buf);
    pack=(unsigned char *) malloc(pack_len);
    memset((char *)pack, '\0', pack_len);
    /*create IP header*/
    iph = (struct iphdr *) pack;
    iph->check = (unsigned short)in_cksum((unsigned short *) iph,
    sizeof(struct iphdr));
    ipq_set_verdict(h, m->packet_id, NF_ACCEPT, pack_len,
    (unsigned char *) pack);

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    Thanx cbogdan.
    It worked, but the system does not seem to be sending the ICMP reply packets to the request packets it is getting. tcpdump is only showing the request ICMP packets it is getting. If it is of any use, I used the following rule in the ICMP request packet source system:
    iptables -A OUTPUT -p icmp -j QUEUE
    The other chains are set to ACCEPT without any other rules

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