I have run into a real perplexer here. I have a Best Data usb (56USBP) this is not a winmodem, it has it's own DSP. It works flawlessly under knoppix live CD's, is identified in the usb manifest but DOES NOT work in any installation excepting a knoppix type.

I have investigated the use of ACM0 type and this si how it is made to work in knoppix, however in any other installation I receive a "cannot open modem" while doing PPP.

Here is a listing from /proc/bus/usb/devices:

P: Vendor=0572 ProdID=1280 Rev=1.00
S: Manufacturer=Conexant Systems, Inc.
S: Product=USB ACF Modem

Since this has worked in one variant of linux (a debian variant)and had installed but refused to dial in Suse (I receive a "modem is busy" message),what are my options?