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    Connecting Debian box to DSL Router through ethernet switch

    I have a dsl router which I know works. When I plug my computer into it directly, I get internet without any trouble. When I plug the router into my switch, and plug a windows box into the switch, I get internet on the windows machine just fine. But when I plug my debian box into the switch, it doesn't get internet. It can see the switch just fine, it's just not picking up the internet connection. Am I missing something obvious?


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    Did you add a route to the gateway (your router) in the debian box? Can you ping the router when the switch is connected?
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    sounds like you do not have an IP address in Debian ....

    ifdown eth0 Shut down eth0
    ifup eth0 bring up eth0 which will cause a DHCP request to be sent
    ifconfig eth0 Check IP address given to NIC by DHCP
    netstat -r Check Default gateway for PC (should be IP of router)
    cat /etc/resolv.conf Should return IP address of DNS servers

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    I knew it would be something easy like that. Thanks.

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