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    What AT commands to use for Sony Ericsson GC89 in Linux

    Hi there everyone!

    First of all, there is no driver for the Sony Ericsson GC89 card, but that's fine. I was still able to communicate with the card using minicom serially. The main problem here is that I can't get the AT commands to work

    I was looking at the post on GC83 at and

    So I basically did:


    and I keep getting "+CME ERROR: 3" which means "operation not allowed" from the GC8x AT manual, but when I use this card, it connects successfully without using a username or password.

    I was wondering if anyone has successfully gotten a GC89 card to work in Linux


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    GC83 Woes

    Ok.. So while I have been using Linux off and on for the past couple of years, I am still an idoit when it comes to some things... lol

    Can you please tell me where it is I need to use these command. I am currently running SuSE 10.1 and have got the card to connect using the network manager. However, when I run ifconfig it tells me that only 42.0 b have been recieved from the host.

    Can you help?????



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    Linux noob here. Trying to get GC89 to connect to T-Mobile on Ubuntu 6.10 via KPPP. Can anyone use small words and walk me through it? Thanks in advance.

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    GC 89 air card

    Did you ever get any help to get you're card working. I have mine working but the programmer that set it up for me has abandoned me and left me with ARC Linux - no plug and play or any of that so I'm not sure where the code he wrote is - if you can help me find it I'll be able to help and also be able to save it to disc for when I change over to Ubuntu - I'll have it if Ubuntu doesn't recognize the card

    Anyway best of luck


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