Hey im running Mandriva 2006. I have a wireless internet connection. The card on the linux machine is Ralink RT2500 202.11 Cardbus Reference Card. Its the usual; card -> wireless hub -> DSL modem -> internet. The wireless hub is made by Conceptronic. theres a few things going wrong though... every 15 mins or so the the network stops seeing linux. what i mean is, in configuration, Linux is still connected to the internet, and its recieving packets, its just not sending any, so i cant use the net. when i disconnect and then reconnect it all starts again. Also, the connection rating is extremely poor, despite the computer being right beside the wireless hub. In windows the connection was perfect.

Also every now and then the "interactive firewall" says that ive been portscanned, but its just my wireless hub. i put its IP into the whitlist... just want to know if that was an alright thing to do?

Thanks, Acet