Hi All,
I have Cent OS 4.0, Comcast cable with cheapest internet and hence dynamic IP address, Linksys Router, Apache Tomcat Server, Http Server comes with Linux CentOS 4.0, I am not sure what it is, but I think its not important at this point. I have small LAN that contains 4 computers; one is running above OS and Tomcat server.

Alrite, so I got this Java application that I wanna host from home, following things I did:
1. Got DNS service provider to point my website with my router IP address.
2. Made Linksys Router to let all http port 80 traffic forward to my CentOS Tomcat machine.
3. I opened http port in CentOS firewall.
4. I have dynamic IP updater client that goes to my DNS service provider and update ip in every 10 mins.

SO after doing all these, very rarely my website seems works fine.. but extremely slow.. but most of the time it doesn't work (9 out of 10 times) And this is the case when I access my URL within my own LAN or ask some friend to try my URL from internet.. Sometime we get page not found error and sometime Gateway time out..

I thought Comcast may be blocking my port, and change port, but same problem..

So I am very frustrated right now, don't know who the culprit is and how to fix it.. I am not sure if its Comcast, linksys router, my DNS service provider, firewall or something else...

So any help from you guys/gals will be very much appreciated..