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    Question adding a computer to an existing network and nfs


    I am pretty much a novice when it comes to linux. I had a problem with a PC in my network related to grub, so I reinstalled Feodra Core 3 on that computer. The result was tht I got my comp. working, but not on the network.

    I assigned it the IP address which it had previously and set the gateway settings, with the result that now it is on the network and now I can ping other comp. in the same network.

    But earlier, we had nfs between a few computers, where this one was an nfs client. I added the same user(penguin) to the group(penguin) via the GUI, but I cannot see the contents in the home directory. Sometimes mount works, other times it does not. And if I login as penguin, I get a lot of errors with many being related to X server too.

    Something else, I have to specify each computer via its IP address. Earlier we used to have hostnames. how do I get back to the same configuration? I tried playing around with /etc/hosts , but am not convinced if the solution lies there.

    I will be very grateful to anyone who solves this problem..

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    Quite a list of problems here. I'll tackle what I can.

    If you can ping other computers on the LAN then the networking is running, what you're probably missing is the DNS (domain name server) setting to convert IP addresses in to more human-friendly names. Find out what the DNS server is for the lan and specify it in '/etc/resolv.conf'.

    If you need to know about how to use nfs, then you need to read two man pages:

    man nfs
    man exports
    These will tell you all you need to know about setting up and configuring network shares. The errors you're experiencing about sometimes mounting and sometimes not could well be down to loose cabling. Check your wiring between the points of your network that run between the machines.

    As you're using nfs, you need to make sure that the user and group information between the computers is the same. There are various ways to do this, the simplest way is to specify a user id (-u) with the adduser tool. Alternatively you can investigate other mechainisms, YP/NIS is a simple tool to do this, (see 'man ypbind' and 'man ypserv') you can also do this with LDAP, but you'll need the help of Google to find more information on that.

    If you're having display problems, then this is easily fixed in FC3. Get to a text-mode command prompt (CTRL-ALT-F1) and log in as root. Swap to runlevel 3 and run the tool to reconfigure the X settings for the display, then flip back to runlevel 5:

    init 3
    system-config-display --reconfig
    init 5
    Linux user #126863 - see

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