I'm working on a basic linux based firewall or you can call it a proxy I sappose. It's mainly going to be used for a Simple Packet Filter.

First I have never done a passthrough with two nics. So any basic help on that but i think the pinned post covers most of it.

I'm am doing the passthrough so I can set up a ip filter that will block certain i.p.'s from passing through. Basically if block a i.p. with iptables on the pass through server it will block the i.p. from the network right?

Trying to start simply here so I can grasp the concept of creating a external Simple Packet Filter server box.

Also do you think a p4 2.4 with 2 gigs of ram is enough to pass through 30k concurrent connections and 120 mps of bandwidth? Or should I go dual xeon for this?