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    Question How to get the Internet working on a 2.6 kernel upgrade?

    With Slackware 10.2 that comes with a 2.4 kernel all I need to do is a full install, run netconfig, assign DHCP, and I can browse the internet.

    After compiling and getting a 2.6 kernel to run I am very happy. However I have lost the ability to browse the internet. I can ping my router, my IP but I can not view web pages (please don’t try and help me to change my resolv.conf). I have tried changing some things but I have no doubt this issue is with the way I compiled the 2.6 kernel. If I compile the 2.6 kernel right then I have no doubt that I would be browsing the internet no problem.

    The 2.6 kernel has a lot of changes when compared to the 2.4 version, especially the networking sections. Trying to cross-reference 2.4 to 2.6 for networking is very difficult. It would be much easier if someone had a basic HOWTO for networking options on the 2.6 ‘make *config’ for the kernel so that we can setup a basic internet connection for web browsing. I have found 2.6 compiling information but they all skip the networking section. Anybody got a working one with networking settings?

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    If you can ping your router, then your network device is configured properly and it can't be a problem with the kernel. Can you access/ping computers outside your network? Try entering into your web browser. This should take you to Google. If it does, there's an issue with DNS.

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