I know that some wireless cards and compatibility issues surrounding them are an old topic here but i have had a couple of cards suggested to me and i need some help finding alternatives. this is for a post-secondary school project relating to the detection of wireless networks. we need a semi-mobile card to demonstrate the detection capabilities of a directional antenna. We are using Linux for another component of the project (WEP/WPA testing) and it is our understanding that we need to use Linux for this part.
our teachers have suggested
Compex iWavePort WL54G - which doesn't seem to be easy to find or Linux compatible
and the
buffalo WLI-CB-G54A this uses the Broadcom chipset also not supported.

I'm having difficulty finding Linux compatible PC cards that use external antennas. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could point me in the right direction.

PS. we are in Canada so if anyone knows a Canadian place to get equipment it to would be welcomed