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    Unable to get online in SuSE 10.0

    I am new to Linux, and while I've been able to do some of the stuff, I've been unable to get online.

    I've asked around on another forum that's been good to me, but I figure a linux speciality site might have more help.

    Right now I have Windows and Linux on my system, and I'm able to get online with Windows but not Linux. I have an ip address, but whenever I run Firefox I get an error saying that it can't find anything.

    I'm on a school server that requires something called TAMUScan, a school scan, to check your computer for viruses and such before being able to get online Windows. Since I have an ip address, which would imply I can get online, can I assume that it's a matter of using the school scan?

    If so, I am unable to run tamuscan.exe. Whenever I try I recieve the message "cannot execute binary file"

    Are there any tips on what I should try from here?

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    Here's a little of a longshot.

    Well, bro, it sounds like you absolutely must run that scan thing to get online. So, what I would try is to see if you can, by some miracle, run the executable using WINE. That will allow the program to run, and maybe even report back to the school's servers that you have run it. This may possibly let you online. Head on over to to learn more about it. What distribution of Linux are you using? If you're using SUSE, there is a higher likliehood that I can help you. But, there are many others here that can help with other distributions. Anyway, for what it's worth, there you are...

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