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    My ISP seems to be blocking web access by Linux users.

    It started Saturday. My DSL modem supplied by Qwest stopped accessing the internet. I called the tech support people in India and they had me reboot my modem, allowing me to resume my bittorrent connection. Another call and they assurred me all was right with my modem--it must be a problem on my end, they insisted. Automatic software updates still worked, but access to most websites was cut to a snail's pace.

    Thinking that my overzealous installing and uninstalling of packages via Synaptic had broken something, I did a fresh reinstall (Ubuntu Linux,) and again, web access was crippled, but software updates still worked. The system updated all my packages, but I was still staring at a black Firefox screen. I rebooted into Windows XP, started Firefox, and got immediate and untrammelled web access. Just to be sure, I booted up Elive 0.4 and Knoppix 3.6 cds. In both cases, the OS was newly unable to access the web, yet previously, there had been no problem. Therefore, something's going on at the Qwest server farm--Linux can't get online and I'm getting irritated. This is wasting my time.

    Is anybody having a similar experience with Qwest or some other ISP?

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    Check your DNS settings in Linux.. if the server IP's are right try DNS servers from someone other than qwest. I see a lot of posts over at broadband reports about Qwest DNS problems preventing people from accessing the net..

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    Hey, thanks. I'll take your advice and post my results. Anybody mind telling me what alternate domain name servers I can use? Qwest tech support is not so helpful. And does anybody know why their settings would change like that?


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