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    having trouble installing ubuntu

    I cant seem to be able to set up the dhcp network. how do I find out my IP address if I cant get on the internet? . obviously im not talking about the PC i am currently on . i am trying to instal ubuntu on my other pc I have succesfully installed the OS using the default installation but It couldnt detect my modem. so now im trying the expert instalation and i keep getting stuck on the dhcp config.
    P.S I am also getting the message "unable to load" IDE mod, IDE probe mod, IDE detect, and IDE floppy has anyone out there succesfully installed ubuntu and gotten thier 56k dial up modem to work???

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    Before anyone can help you, we need a little more information. First of all, what kind of modem do you have? Is it an internal or external modem? If it's internal, you may have what is called a winmodem or software modem--- that is a modem that is dependant on the operating system to do its work and requires a windows driver. Linux mostly doesn't include drivers for these. You could try looking on (may not be the exact name of the website, Google it). If you find your modem listed there and they have a driver for it, you could try installing it yourself. You will have to find out the make of modem you have;
    for example, mine is a PCTEL HSP modem.

    If you can't find your modem there or don't think you can do this, you might consider an external modem. I use Ubuntu also and solved my winmodem problem by purchasing a DiamondSupra external modem. I have used it success-
    fully with Xandros, Ubuntu, Mepis, Puppy. Don't get a usb modem though. Before you buy anything, look around, ask what other linux users have. A good place to start is That's the Linux documentation project.

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