Am quite new to SuSE Linux (but not computers). Set up VNC straight off the SuSE 10 CD-ROMs. Noted difference of using Java browser in place of TightVNC client (on Windows). Set router and firewalls. Went to remote location. System worked flawlessly except... part-way through writing a long email (no save draft executed, of course) connection was lost. (insert dialog here!)

Each time VNC receives a connection it requires a VNC password dialog, followed by the login to SuSE/Gnome. Does this mean that each login is a separate session? (forgive if incorrect terminlogy)

If interruption occurs (as above) will VNC terminate the SuSE/Gnome session? (ie my work is dead and buried)

If not, does that mean that my interrupted session is still running on the home machine, and then my question becomes, how can I re-connect to that session, either remotely (or even from another PC on the local LAN) or directly on the VNC server machine?
(I have not (knowingly) used Linux's multi-access features, and it's a long time since I was a Unix user...sorry!) NB I have root access/it's my LAN.

Please advise,