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    Hiding smb mount password in fstab? Hashing?

    I'm looking for a way to hide my credentials in fstab for lines like
    //hostname/share   smbfs   /mnt/sharename     defaults,username=user%password       0      0
    The problem with the above line is that it appears in the process list and that the password is in cleartext. Using credentials=file is a better start but this is still in plaintext. Can't I hash the password with md5 or something?

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    Hiding SMB-password in fstab

    In the following article it is explained how you can do that:

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    that page only shows how to use a credentials file instead of username password in fstab.

    i already do this and in some other places I use a script to prompt for a password and then use that which is safer.

    so I still haven't found a perfect solution to this in terms of security and auto mounting after reboot.


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