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    Static IP on SLAX

    I'm currently experimenting with SLAX Server Edition (a Live Slackware Based Distro) as a mobile demo enviromentment for my php scripts.

    It works perfectly with the exception of one flaw. In the past two releases, I am unable to browse the web or connect to any im clients after configuring my IP. However, I can ping local nodes, preform name resolution, and access my web based router config. This problem has arisen on multiple PCs and on two seperate networks.

    My network operates under a Linksys router and uses static IP addresses in order to enable port forwarding to my server. This setup worked fine through version 5.0.7b of SLAX. When I enable DHCP on the router the problem is corrected but then port forwarding is not available.

    I contacted Tomas, the one man band for the project, who said nothing had changed and seems to have little motivation to help.

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    I've been messing with Slax as well (created my own "distro" with utilities, branding, etc. which autoruns a web site from the CD under Windows - the website lets you install software like OpenOffice, etc.). I seem to remember there being some problems with configsave in the last release or two...specifically that it wouldn't save changes to certain directories. Supposedly this is fixed in 5.10, which was released recently.
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    The problem arises in all releases of 5.0.8 and 5.1.0, but works flawlessly in 5.0.7b which didn't offer a Server Edition.

    I'm not using config save option, so I know the problem doesn't rely there. I was entering my network settings after boot. (IP, broadcast, netmask, nameserver, gateway)

    If anyone could tell me what files and settings dhcp changes then I could preform them manually.

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    I have the same problem

    Hi all,

    have you got any solution. I struggling with a same problem
    with my HP nc6120 with a Intel PRO 2200BG wifi controller.

    localy I can ping anyone but I cannot go through gateway.
    Setting of the IP/mask/gateway/DNS is OK.

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    Solution found

    ... just what i have just found:
    according Slax developers above mentioned problem is a bug.

    i will test newest SLAX version if it is running well

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