I've googled a good bit in addition to reading the manpages on ssh & sshd_config

having said that here is my issue:

i have a box that's inside my univ firewall which blocks incoming connections... i also have nonroot shell access to a box outside the firewall that i can ssh to from the box inside the firewall... i'd like to forward connections on a port on the machine OUTSIDE the firewall to a port on the box INSIDE the firewall via an ssh tunnel... this way my box inside the firewall will be accessible from anywhere outside the firewall on the one specific port... the univ has the cisco vpn client available to access inside the firewall through, but I'd have to give everyone I want to download from me login info for it that I'd rather not disclose... that being said,I've tried (taking ftp for example):

ssh -R 7777:my.ip.inside:21 user@ip.outside

however, the GatewayPorts option is not enabled on the sshd (and I can't enable it)

so I've tried doing:
ssh -gL 7778: user@ip.outside
followed by
ssh -R 7777:my.ip.inside:21 user@ip.outside

It seems to bind the ports properly, but when I attempt to connect to ftp ip.outside 7778 (from an outside ip) it doesn't completely connect
I get
Connected to [ip.outside]
but it just sits there as if frozen and my ftp server doesn't register the connection. So I assume it's connecting to ip.outside but is being blocked by the firewall when outside attempts to forward it.

could anyone help me with this please? thanks in advance