Hello folks,

Last week, I finally decided to become a native of Tuxland rather than stay a tourist and yipee, I've got my citzenship card now and me's gonna stay right here in Tuxland.

So now my desktop's powered by Fedora Core 5 (earlier was running on Winblows XP). Everything's all sweet except I've been having problems configuring Bluetooth.

My brother's laptop runs on Windows XP. My desktop is directly connected to the Internet. The idea was to allow the laptop to connect to a NAP on the desktop and share the internet access. We had this set up when the desktop was running Windows XP and all was running fine. I hope to have the same setup now and I believe it should be possible on Linux. I did find a tutorial explaining how to do what I want to do but that was for a Linux-Linux setup (both desktop and laptop running Linux) and I couldn't quite translate it to a Linux-Windows situation even after long hours of poking around.

Desktop OS : Fedora Core 5 - 'Bordeaux'
Laptop OS : Windows XP

Yes, I did enable Bluetooth; I did setup the PIN, I did remove SELinux's control over Bluetooth connections, I did configure hciconf and all. I got the desktop and the laptop to pair. The laptop also discovers the NAP service but when I try to connect, it says it failed because of an "unknown error".

Has anybody done this before? I'd appreciate any help. I've been trying to set this up since last week and if I fail, I might get banished to the dark valley of Redmond, for the laptop really needs access to the internet simultaenously.

Thanks a million.