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    Samba+NFS+SSH tunnel = file read problem

    My server is running RedHat 4.0 ES. I export the same share with Samba and with NFS over SSH tunneling.
    As clients I have a PC with Windows XP accessing to the share with Samba and a Redhat 9.0 box accessing the share with NFS over SSH tunnels.

    My problem is that a file read operation hangs on my linux client if the file has been modified and saved by the Windows client a few seconds before!

    Here is my entry in fstab of the client:
    localhost:/UPSE /UPSE nfs tcp,rw,hard,intr,bg,port=7777,mountport=8888 0 0

    Here is my command to setup the tunnels:
    /usr/bin/ssh -f -c blowfish -L 7777:localhost:2049 -L 8888:localhost:4002 /bin/sleep 60

    I have no problem when accessing the share directly with NFS, whithout SSH tunnels. I have just noticed that the file read operation in this case takes more time to complete. I found out that the NFS server sends back the error ERR_JUKEBOX for the first NFS READ operation. Then the client repeats the READ operation 5 sec. later.

    Any file locking problem?
    Any timeout problem?

    Thank you for any help.

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    I have resolved my problem.
    I have seen that without SSH tunnels my client was using NFS version 3 and with SSH tunnels NFS version 2.
    I have forced NFS version 3 in fstab:

    localhost:/UPSE /UPSE nfs nfsvers=3,tcp,rw,hard,intr,bg,port=7777,mountport= 8888 0 0

    and now I have no problem anymore. I still get the JUKEBOX error but the NFS READ operation is repeated after 5 sec and the client doesn't hang anymore.

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