My scenario is as follows. I am selling a software solution that is a WebApp that runs on a standalone, headless linux box running Fedora Core 4. The webapp is hosted by the Tomcat 5.0 AppServer. This box will need to have its' networking options configured by the customer according to their network setup, ie., static IP assignement or DHCP.

In Linux, I know that it requires a root level permission to set these options. I don't want to run the Tomcat server process as root.

What I would like to do, is that my webapp would write to a file whatever options the user needs to set for networking options. Then upon startup, the startup processes would execute a script which would read this file and then set the networking options as appropriate. The script would be written in Bash or Perl.

First I need to know if this is possible. If possible, how would I make the box able to run the script upon startup? If not possible, how could I accomplish this goal some other way?