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    Dialing up to AOL

    My friend is forced, by his stubborn, ignorant parents, to use AOL dialup. Yes, I know, you cringe at the thought, etc.
    Regardless, I've put him on Linux, and we've got his lucent modem dialing out just fine with the lt* drivers. However, even with the correct information gathered from the AOL dialer on his Windows computer, it fails to verify on the connection.

    Now, I called AOL and spoke to a service rep, demanding that he tell me the actual dialing account username and password, thinking they were different from what's seen inside of the AOL dialer. It turns out that he actually ran a little Linux box himself, and was very understanding (talk about luck). While he didn't have the immediate solution, he suggested that the AOL dialer might, instead, add extra information onto the end of the username to indicate that it's an AOL product that's trying to connect. He said that the corporation wouldn't release to the service tech reps what this likely was, that I might have to do some crazy packet sniffing to figure it out on my own, but he figured somebody else in the Linux community might have figured it out by now, and suggested that I ask a forum and such. So, here I am. I hope I get a helpful answer.

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    afik they have a proprietary dialer that was written for windows and mac. they toyed with making a linux binary some 6 years ago but never did it. netzero at the time was offering free service and said they would make a linux dialer but never did either. you are pretty much out of luck on trying to dial up to aol with linux. that was my main reasoning for moving to broadband in the first place. you might try to get your friend to ask for broadband but i doubt that will work either. you might try googling it and see if anyone has tackled this yet. i found these links from one google search i did while typing this;

    if you can get a adsl or dsl line there are ways without the aol dialer to connect using linux. AT&T(formerly SBC) telecom here offers dsl for 15.95 cheaper than the 30 bucks for aol dialup. check around for local deals. that only applies if they are able to get dsl in thier area.
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