My DSL router box is at, and it is my gateway to the Internet. My ISP gives me a Class B IP address, and since I don't run bind, I use my ISP's DNS servers which also have Class B addresses. My Linux system is at on eth0. I'm not presently using routed or gated, and Debian stable doesn't seem to have them either. Debian does have BIRD ( ), and I can install that if it would help.

I'm running pppd from /etc/inittab, listening to /dev/ttyS0. I want my PDA to be able to reach the Internet. ppp0 is at and the PDA is at I can change these to 192.168.1.* if it would help. The PDA does support PPP and lets me specify DNS IPs (again, my ISP's Class B servers), but doesn't let me provide a gateway IP. I tried using ms-dns options with pppd, but it won't take them, so DNS servers are hard-coded in the PDA's PPP config.

What should I do to set up a routing table so that the PDA will be able to reach the Internet?