I have a kernel module which "acquires" virtual ips ( not assigned to anyone in n/w )
and then respond to any future packets coming to this virtual ip.
I am handling ARP, TCP, UDP protocols in my module.
To get the arp stuff working I handle all the ARP requests for virtual IP and reply to
them with my local hardware address. I can now receive all the packets destined to virtual IP.
E.g Local IP is
Virtual ip is ( Not existing in network )

I catch every arp request for .244 and reply with my mac. I can now
recive all IP packets ( handled in my netfilter hooks ) destined for .244.
According to the natting rules in my module I nat the packets for .244 and redirect them to
some listening port on
Also I handle all the outgoing packet from and replace the source to
So that the client machine recives reply from virual IP, as expected.[32774] ->[123]

Nat Destination[32774] ->[23]

(Reply)[23] ->[32774]
Nat Source[123] ->[32774].

Module works perfectly and I can establish any tcp connection ( E.g telnet ) with a non exitsing
IP ( from any machine in the network.

Problem is :-
I want the same behaviour from the module if I try to connect from the same machine (local machine )
to the virtual IP.

E.g[32772] ->[123]

Nat Destination[32772] ->[23]

***** But somehow this packet after natting is dropped be the kernel and never reaches[23]
Is this because the source and destination ip of this packet is same ?????

Hoping to get good reponse for this loooong mail