We have 25 workstations connected together, which are accessing a Single IP address for our regular work.

We have 2 separate ISP connections, with different gateways and DNS servers

We have managed to install Clark connect Office 3.2 Edition (Evaluation version) with Multi WAN enabled to get the Load Balancing and Failover from these 2 ISP connections and am happy with its performance.

Now, our problem is CC Box works fine, when we access various websites in this universe,

But when we access a single IP (for our work), we cannot able to get the Load balance and also the speed of the ISPs had also gone down.

We had browsed the Clark's router pages, Smooth wall, IPcop, pfsense... and basically we can't understand how to solve this problem

And also we have a feeling that, even if we go for Hardware Router with Multi Wan Facility, then also we will be facing the same problem (i.e. when connecting to a Single IP destination, the performance is very low), is this true

Sincerely, we are requesting all the techies over there to solve our problem.

Thanking you


PS: we are not complaining about Clark connect or any other product, really we can't understand how to use those products. Please help me