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    ACX 111 in SuSE 10.0

    Well, I have a hawking pci card that uses the ACX111 chipset. It is recognized but I am unable to connect.

    I'm using KDE and I am wondering if there is a connection assistant that lists available networks, because I am using a public access point as my sole connection.

    I feel like I'm missing something but I'm not sure what. I remember the installation saying something about downloading firmware with yast, but I can't connect except via windows.

    Any advise or questions?

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    You could download firmware from here then copy across to your suse partion and extract the firmware. Not sure where it should go in suse but this page might help . If the module is already installed and suse is looking for the firmware you should get a message on boot up saying something like acx111 found looking for firmware in default location /usr/share/acx
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    IIRC in SUSE 9.3 the firmware was available via a yast update. So if you just find which mirror SUSE is using to get the firmware from, go there in Windows, download it, copy it to SUSE partition and install it.
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    Double post.

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    I am fairly certain that i installed the firmware. I'll double check that I put it in the right place though.

    I still want to find a way to see a list of all available networks the way the windows application does. Is there an app that does this?

    If not, is there any other way to see wether the card is working without being connected to a specific network?

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    there is a program for kde called kwifimanager you could check that out.
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    kwifimanager says nope, not working

    Man, this is getting old.

    I can't configure my graphics card either.

    Oh and why when i use a terminal in KDE, do I not see the same directories that are available in the file manager?

    Simple things like this are really keeping me from enjoying linux.

    I still have not found a simple explaination of how linux works, or why all or most of the apps are just dumped into one directory without subfolders. Or....


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    j.d.hogg, it would do you good to read this...
    As far as "seeing " the same files in konqueror as from the command line, are you talking about hidden files? Were you in your /home directory when looking for the same files? If you open a terminal it should open in your home directory. Then go:
    ls -a
    to see all files in that directory.
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    I made the mistake of assuming that the 'cd' command would back me out to '/'.

    I'm trying not to ***** and moan too much, but the number of drivers and supporting applications or whatever they are, all stacked on top of one another is confusing, when they are normally transparent in commercial OSs. I know it's the nature of a system that is supported by an open source community, so I'm not complaining, just venting.

    I feel that KDE and YaST are as much confusing as they are helpful, is there a more simplified desktop that I can use?

    Just trying to learn.


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