Hi Every one.
I have written a small application using gtk2.0. Also i have prepared a
bootable cd image so that when i boot from the cd my application runs.
For this purpose i have used kernel 2.6.14 statically compiled (without modules) and
isolinux.bin as a bootloader while using the suse linux
Also i m using Xvesa server for X support with icewm window manager.

I want to configure network for my bootbale disc.
Using a mannual networking that is by giving ip address and netmask, i got success and the network was configured. But now i want to configure the network automatically. But i m not getting the right path.
I m trying to use dhcpcd deamon to automatically configure the network but all my efforts are not ending in a success.
What should i use dhcpd or dhcpcd?
I want to know the correct steps to configure network automatically (i-e without giving an ip address or netmask).
Please help me this matter