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    Newb Modem question

    I'm buying an external modem for my new computer. I know how to set up dial up through AOL (in case my DSL line fails) and faxing, but can anyone tell me how to answer calls using my computer? Is it even possible? Any help would be appreciated. I'm using Ubuntu Breezy for my new computer, if that changes anything.

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    That depends on what kind of answering service you want to set up. I once configured my pc to allow people to dial into it and get a shell, all that was needed was mgetty and some script editing. As far as I know I could have set up dial up networking by changing the login shell from bash to pppd.

    The other services could be fax and answering machine. For faxes you might like to take a look at hylafax. It seems pretty capable but I've not actually tried to set it up.

    I'm sure you can turn your PC into an answerphone too, but I'm not sure where you'd start looking (aside from google)

    Let us know how you get on,

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