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    Unhappy 3Com Etherlink III (ISA) installation

    Hi Folks,

    I don't know if this is the forum to place this question, but there are so manny so I thought this is the best to place it.

    All this day I'm trying to install my 3Com Etherlink III ISA card on Ubuntu 5.10.
    It isn't recognized after the install so I have to manually install it.
    Oke fine .

    But heres the problem, I have no clue how to install it; Searched Google, forums, etc, etc. After 4 hours of research I got someone saying in a forum: Try lspnp and see what you get.
    Ok I tried that, first the command wasn't recognized, so I had to install pnpbios-tools. (No usb-stick available, no cd-rw so I had to burn 400kb on cd ).
    Anyway after installation the command worked, but now I get this error:

    lspnp: /proc/bus/pnp not available

    I checked the dir and there is indeed no such folder only these ones:


    The command lspci did worked and then I get this output:

    Host brdige: ALi blabla
    PCI bridge: ALi blabla
    ISA Bridge: ALi Corporation M1533 PCI to ISA Bridge (Aladdin IV, rev b5)
    Ide..., VGA..., etc

    Oke so no step further. I also don't know if this is the good way to install the card or whatever, but I'm really getting crazy now.
    Is it really that hard to install an Isa networkcard?

    Hope you folks can help me out.

    Really really big thanx in advance!

    I'm having a break now and drink some coffee

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    I used to have a big boxful of ISA 3Com network cards, I had a BNC network setup for games around 1995-96 or so; they were a bit of a pig to set up from windows 95 (and latterly windows 9. They came with a DOS utility to set the IRQ and address up in the firmware, and if you got that wrong they wouldn't work; they never auto detected.

    Somewhere there will be a way to specify the IRQ/Address they use for the driver, but you might find you have to compile it into the kernel. I dont ever remember configuring these cards from Linux - the server I used at that time had a PCI network card. I had similar issues with my old ISA SoundBlaster AWE32, to use that on those early versions of LInux, I had to compile support into the kernel with the right settings (funnily enough, I only retired that old sound card a few weeks ago when I updated my server - Linux was always so stable on it, I never needed to change anything, and I hardly ever used the sound system).

    To be honest, I really think you'd be better off getting a cheapie PCI network card and chucking all your ISA ones away.
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