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Thread: DNS\BIND

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    Hello all, I just needs clarification. I need a quick question answered before I begin digging info on BIND| DNS

    IS dns static??? when I register a domain name such as the provider adds the ip to domain name resolution to their dns servers wich then updates other upstream DNS server?? correct.

    my dilema is that I setup DNS BIND using redhat. It seems to be isntalled corretly. RH9 , But I am wondering do I have to update the database my self or is it dynamic??

    thnks all.

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    No, it doesn't quite work like that. When you register a domain name, the only thing the registrar adds is a delegation record that points to a nameserver that you specify indirectly. You enter the actual "contents" of the domain in your own nameserver, and then when someone wants to look up a hostname in your domain, they follow the delegation pointers to your nameserver. Thus, you have to update the database on your domain.

    Also, DNS can be very problematic if you don't have a static IP address, since the TTL on the delegation records usually is set pretty high, so it may take several days to update it when your IP address changes.

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