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    Good content filter?

    Working at a school, I'm in charge of finding a way to block inappropriate sites on the net. By inappropriate, I mean sites that are sexual in nature, have foul language, violence, etc.

    Are there any good filters that can be placed on a secondary firewall that will help dynamically block these types of sites, either by keywords or by a "known" list?

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    What firewall do you have?

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    IPTables on Slackware 9

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    Squid has content filtering ive never used it though.

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    You also have privoxy(.org) that can do what you want and more. It can also block sexual oriented pages, filter out ads (more time for loading the page not advertisements) etc etc..

    Also, you can add the most obvious pages in /etc/hosts so that the page will just timeout when you're loading them. If the clients use windows, you can install something called improxitron or something similar.

    Good luck!

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    As kriss said, you can just redirect the bad sites to so they'll time out. ANd the windows program that he's thinking of is called The Proxomitron
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    Thank you for the info. I did some research. My findings are this:

    Privoxy appears to be a client-based proxy server. So each system would have it installed.

    Transproxy might fit in with IPTables for the reroute of http traffic, and Squid might be a good content filter.

    Does this sound right?

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    Why are you guys replying to a 3 year old post???
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    because it is cached in search engines, and people reading them generaly dont pay attention to the date.

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    True...many people use these as reshearch for this own issues with out asking the question again.

    I used to use Dans Guardian/SQUID and used an iptables run to redirect all port 80 requests to the firewall's proxy port. By doing that no one could bypass the proxy and thus the filtering by modifying their internet settings.

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