Hello everyone,

I'm trying to replace a telnet program that my company is using. I wanted to know if there is a telnet program available with VT100 (and preferably Wyse50) emulation that has function keys that I can change to run simple commands.

Most importantly, I need it to run on Fedora and also be free!

The function keys only have to do some simple commands. For example; in our system, the command to go back a page is to type "end" and press enter. All our users have this mapped to the F1 key.

All the other keys are to be mapped the same, to enter a command and automatically press enter.

Even if it involves a bit of stuffing around with config files, that's ok. To be honest, I'm not too sure what to look for as most telnet programs advertise their function keys can be mapped to run scripts and macros. I don't think I'm after something that intricate.

Any help much appreciated!