I just installed Ubuntu on my PC. Unfortunatly, I am an AOL dial up customer. I found and downloaded Penggy to get a connection to the net while on Ubuntu. Switching between XP Pro and Ubuntu sucks.
Anywho, when I use the "./recompile" command and after it asks me if I want to use certain drivers, I get an error. I read the make.log file and it reads

./recompile:line 111: make: command not found

I went to the recompile file and on line 111 it reads

if make > make.log 2> make.log
echo "Compilation, Ok"
echo "Compilation Error, please consult: make.log"
exit 1

I have tried two different version of PengAOL. Both give me the same error.
I am available on AIM as x90CelicaSTx if someone can help. Thanks much.