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    .inf install

    I'm using ndiswrapper to install a windows driver on my linux partition, so I can connect to my router on linux and use the internet there. When I use this in Konsole I get:
    ndiswrapper -i /home/Francis/Desktop/Driver/Autorun.inf
    It all installs fine, but when I test it I get:
    ndiswrapper -l
    autorun is not a valid driver!
    Does anyone know how to sort the problem I'm getting here?
    (FYI, I'm using a UR055g: 802.11 b/g 2.4GHz Wireless INEXQ device, if that helps).

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    autorun is the file which tells teh cd to startup in windows, it is not the driver.

    look for another inf file on the cd you are using and try that. or look here for a driver.
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    Right, I've found the right .inf (actually it's a .in_, but it says it should work) and I (should have) installed it correctly, following these instructions:
    * Chipset: Atmel at76c503-rfmd
    * pciid: 050d:0050
    * Driver: Belkin [33]
    * Other: Download the driver. Extract to a new directory using unzip. Extract the CAB files (DATA1.CAB, DATA1.HDR, DATA2.CAB) using "unshield x" . cd Drivers/WINXP . edit bkusb.in_ and uncomment the CopyFile.XP.Sys section. Run ndiswrapper -i bkusb.in_ as root followed by ndiswrapper -m . modprobe ndiswrapper. ifdown wlan0. ifup wlan0 and you are there.

    Once I did that, and I tested it, I typed in konsole:
    ndiswrapper -l
    Drivers present
    bkusb.in_ is not a valid driver!
    Anyone know WHY this isn't working, or has had the same problem? Thanks for any posts!
    (FYI, I was at the uncommect CopyFile.XP.sys part, finished that and installed it).
    (Oh, and I also changed the device, it's now a belkin F5D6050).

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    "bkusb.in_" won't work, you must use "bkusb.inf".
    Is it a usb-wireless? You can better choose for PCI or PCMCIA (for a laptop)

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    There was no .inf, just .in_, and it also says to use that, so do you know where I can get the right .inf, or where to find it?

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    did you uncomment the CopyFile.XP.Sys. The instructions are a little nondescript but I looked at that file and there are multiple instances of this section that are commented out. I would trying commenting them all out. (just remove the ; signal)

    also you could try renaming the file to something like:


    just do

    cp bkusb.in_ bkusb.inf

    then doing the modprobe part
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