now i'm read a lot of knowledge paper about traffic control in linux because now i'm try to develop and research about

traffic shaper so can everybody tell me about my topic ... Is it can do for real????

my topic is "
now, many organization use traffic shaper for control traffic and bandwidth because don't want something example
some mac address, ip address, traffic in that port or that application use a lot of bandwidth more than it appropriate should

use example if people in organization try to use p2p application ,it may make a lot of problem for all bandwidth in


now most famous algorithm to manage queue in mastershaper is "HTB" but i have just read some paper their tell about
"HFSC" algorithm ,it's very good to manage real-time application traffic so i think may be performance when HTB manage

real-time application are not work if i comparable with performance by HFSC"

so my project is ... i want to develop new traffic shaper that use 2 algorithm simultaneously (HTB for manage general traffic

and HFSC for manage only real time application) by when the package come in my shaper outbound i will have one filter for
filtering that package about what kind of that package??(general or real time application package) and then after filtering it

will continue send that package to appropriate queue to separate manage traffic later.

sorry for my bad english so much
may be you don't understand my project topic so looking in my picture.

(general package)
outbound ------------------------- HTB
------eth0----------- filter
------------------------- HFSC
(real time application package)

now my problem is... i read a lot paper they tell if i want to use traffic shaper in outbound side. In linux i must use tc

command for setting it, but it's telling me about setting algoritm will start to set in root qdisc and root qdisc is outboud side
so i fear about i can't setting 2 algorithm simultaneously in tc command

so please advise me , if you think i'm misunderstand and Is it can do for real??? what should i do???

my question
1. In tc command, at root qdisc we must specify what kind of algorithm to use??(htb or etc)
but another class under root qdisc, it's must be only HTB algorthm??? or it may be setting to be another algorithm under

root qdisc????
2. i want to have two different qdisc for run simultaneously?? Can i do it for real????
if i can, so what should i do it with tc command?????
3. In the one time, Linux can setting to have 2 root qdisc????