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    Running DHCPCD At Startup

    Hi all,

    After much pain I've managed to get my wireless card up and running. Hurray! The only thing is that every time I start up I have to change to root user and say:

    dhcpcd wlan0

    Is there any way I can have this run in at startup without changing too much? I don't want to mess about with my setup too much if I can avoid it.

    Thanks for any help.

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    The normal way to do this is to set the network interface to start at boot and specify DHCP using the graphical tool. Which distro are you using? For Fedora Core, you can do this with 'system-config-network', where the interface should be listed.
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    what distro do you have?

    i think if you have a slackware based distro (like vector-linux for example), go to /etc/rc.d/ and locate a file called rc.local. open it and ad "dhcpcd wlan0" at the end of rc.local (note:dont use the quotes when typing that line in).

    alternatively, it might also be a problem with your boot-sequence. pcmcia cards rely on the hot-plug service in linux, so if your distro tries to start the network before it has started the hot-plug service, then that may also be the problem.

    give us a few more details about what linux distribution you're using and what kernel you are running (you can find the kernel version by typing uname -a in a terminal.
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    rc.local query

    I have added in to rc.local "sh /root/" to run it at the startups.

    we have developed script as a and copied in to root directory.
    But no luck... not executing it


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    Hi there,

    The output of uname -a is:
    Linux lappie #1 SMP Wed May 3 04:53:23 UTC 2006 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux

    The distro is SUSE 10.1.

    I've tried going into /etc/rc.d and only found the file "rc", not "rc.local". I tried adding the line:
    dhcpcd wlan0 the end and rebooting, but with no change.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again.

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