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    ALL traffic through a proxy

    To start off SORRY ...I know this is a common issue and ive been googlin and search forums for about an hour and i havent found the answer (there soo much info on the whole field of port fowarding + i dunno much aout any of it)

    What I would like to do is use my pc at home as a 'universal proxy', meaning i want to setup my laptop so that ALL traffic is tunneled through my home computer

    The reason is the wireless network at my school has blocked ports so p2p and gaming is hindered a research assistant at my school so i always have plenty of personal time ...for internet stuff

    And to get extremely specific the most annoying thing is when i play starcraft no one can join my games ...i read thats because of blocked ports AND that damned lowid on emule!!! my idea of how this would work is ALL my traffic will go through port 80 from my computer (dunno how to do this part) to port 3128 on my home computer (i already have squid setup and runnig -see im usin it now ...for web broswing) and then to the internet
    -and comming back ...into whatever ports on my home comp out of 3128 back to 80 on my laptop

    So how do i make this dream a reality? (btw im not attached to squid or ne thing ...i just thought that if i use the 'use this proxy server for all protocols' option it would do jus this ...hey im an optimist )

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    OpenSSH or OpenVPN

    I don't know about proxies, but it sounds like you could do what you want with either OpenSSH or OpenVPN.

    If you configure OpenSSH with "ForwardX11 yes" and "ForwardX11Trusted yes", you can sit at the remote PC, open a Bash shell to your home PC via SSH, and start your game or browser. It will popup and run on your remote computer, but all traffic to the game site goes to and from your home PC. The downside is there may be a LOT of graphics traffic between your home and remote PC, which may make this approach impractical, even though it is simple.

    OpenVPN will give you a general purpose encrypted path between your remote PC and your home PC. Each PC will have two IP addresses--the existing one for eth0, and a new local IP for tun0, which is the "device" for the encrypted link.

    With an OpenVPN connection you can play routing tricks: add a routing entry on your remote PC so all traffic to the game site is routed via the tun device. And your home PC will have to route packets between eth0 and tun0.

    Both OpenSSH and OpenVPN allow you to configure them to use whichever ports you want, although using port 80 might have confusing side effects.

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    coool i didnt know open vpn couold do stuff like that ...i think i kwn openssh could but i didnt want the lagg from a secure link!

    tanks a ton and soorry for the honrrrible speling but im les than soberr


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